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About Sightseeing Course

 Take the Hankai Tramway! Discover Osaka's history and culture! Learn it! Have fun!

  •  No matter you are the first time to visit or the foreigner tourist, I recommend “It is Hankai!!! Basic tourist course” to you. This is a famous course, which is around Hankai Tramway. For example, Sumiyoshi-taisha or Honganji Sakai Betsuin (Temple) are famous tourist destinations, which you should not miss.
  •  If you are an Hankai expert!! Voyage Hankai!!! Enjoy tourist course I recommend to those who wants to enjoy the Hankai, and know the history deeply. It is a good way to you to travel around the Hankai area and have sightseeing with Hankai Tramway.
  •  After visiting Abeno Harukas, Feel free!! Take a look course Massan is a Japanese television drama series, broadcast daily on NHK. I recommend you can take a look the place where Masataka Taketsuru and his wife Jessie Roberta Rita Cowan full in love. You can easily enjoy from Tennoji.

3rd Recommended Course

 Casual trip! Trial Course after visiting Abeno Harukas

 This is the course going around Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, Tezukayama area and back to Tennoji-Ekimae.
 You will arrive at Sumiyoshitoriimae station after riding Hankai Tram for about 15min. from Tennnoji-Ekimae.

SPOT1 Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine -Visiting and walking around about 60 minutes

“Sumiyoshizukuri” is the famous architectural style after Ise-jingu Shrine and Izumo Taisha Shrine and there are four main building.
Although it has been kept Shikinen-Sengu tradition, the deity is transferred to new building during the great reconstruction.
Although The Emperor Jingu had enshrined Sumiyoshi Sanjin, nowadays, the Emperor Jingu became enshrined as a deity.
This shrine has lasted for more than 1800 years and it is famous for its deep historical shrine among inside and outside of Osaka.

 You go back to Sumiyoshitoriimae station and ride Hankai Tramway for 4 min. Then you arrive at Tezukayama yonchome. Then you go to Tezukayama area on your foot from the station.

SPOT2 Tezukayama Area Walking around about 90 minutes.

Here, Tezukayama area, Mr. and Mrs. Masataka Takezuru has lived before, has a lot of retro buildings along the line of Hankai Tramway.
When you step into this area, you might feel like time traveling or time stopped in spite of not so far from busy town such as Abeno or Tennoji.
Since there are some coffee shops around the area, you can have a rest anytime and anywhere.

Tezukayama-4chome is very silent town.
This area is famous for high-class residential area, but you feel warm atmosphere filled with humanity.
There are lots of charming shops, café, fruits shops, boutique stores and stamp shops.
They are lined like drama setting with their nostalgic atmosphere.
Going forward along the line, you can find Mandaiike Park where is the local walking course.
The landmark is the big fountain and trees. The name “Mandaiike Park” might be come from Shotoku Taishi.
In spring, sakura (cherry blossom in English) is come out and it is famous for local Japanese, so you can enjoy watching sakura (cherry blossom) around the pond.

After visiting the pond, you can find Tezukayama Post Office which is famous for its retro building.
On the other hand, there is a historical warehouse. How dramatic it is!

There are sign boards of Tezukayama Tomb, Abeno Shrine and Kumano-kaido street near the “Nanko street” where is in front of Himematsu station.
Main spots where you can know history of Osaka deeply, are getting together in here, Tezukayama area.
Not only first-timer but also repeater can find something new!
When you visit here, we recommend to have a rest in coffee shop.

 Now you go to Himematsu station on your foot. After that, riding Hankai Tramway for about 10 minutes and back to Tennoji-Ekimae.
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