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About the Discount Tickets

All line 1 day free pass Take Take ticket

 All line 1 day free pass  Take Take ticket
Scratch type Adults 700JPY・Children 350JPY
Hankai all line 1 day free pass
You can visit shops along the road line for business or leisure.
Valid section Hankai Tramway:all line
Valid period Free use of public transport is only for the used day. (The pass is not valid for a full 24 hours)
How to use Please scratch the year, month and day of the riding date and show it to the staff.
  • ※If you scratch the year, month and day with more than two place, it would be judged invalid.
Place of purchase Hankai Tramway: Tickets office of Tennoji-Ekimae Station, Abikomichi station, Hamadera-Ekimae Station
Tennōji-Ekimae Station
Head office and transportation area (Abikomichi)
  • ※You can purchase Take Take Ticket in the tram.
  • ※Hamadera-Ekimae Station Ticket Office is closed on Sunday and holidays.
  • ※This ticket is valid for one person.
  • ※This ticket will not be collected at the end of riding. (If you do not need it, please give it to the staff)
  • ※According to exchanges and refunds of the ticket, we only accept the ticket without scratching or by the day before scratched date. 220 JPY will be required for refunding.
  • ※If you lost the ticket, it will not be reissued.
  • ※The ticket is no refund after starting to use no matter train services are suspended.
  • ※If the ticket is used improperly, it will be collected as invalid and the fare or the extra fare will be charged.

Ride, know and enjoy the Hankai Tramway! Let’s find out new histories and cultures hidden in Osaka!

  •  No matter you are the first time to visit or the foreigner tourist, I recommend “It is Hankai!!! Basic tourist course” to you. This is a famous course, which is around Hankai Tramway. For example, Sumiyoshi-taisha or Honganji Sakai Betsuin (Temple) are famous tourist destinations, which you should not miss.
  •  If you are an Hankai expert!! Voyage Hankai!!! Enjoy tourist course I recommend to those who wants to enjoy the Hankai, and know the history deeply. It is a good way to you to travel around the Hankai area and have sightseeing with Hankai Tramway.
  •  After visiting Abeno Harukas, Feel free!! Take a look course Massan is a Japanese television drama series, broadcast daily on NHK. I recommend you can take a look the place where Masataka Taketsuru and his wife Jessie Roberta Rita Cowan full in love. You can easily enjoy from Tennoji.

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